Where Did 3 Years Go?

In the last three years, it’s not been easy working hard while my daughter watches TV and my husband makes dinner. However, I can not tell you how fulfilled I feel when I get testimonials such as these:

OMG Tola!!!!!

We love them!!!!

Can we have another hundred please!!!?! 


Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!

Xxxxx Jeanette xxxxX

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So what has 3 years been like? Well, I have to be honest it has been very hard work. I’ve had days when I’ve woken up and couldn’t wait to share my marketing ideas.

But I’ve also had a day where I’ve been on Skype to Heather Townsend – my business mentor and friend and just cried.

Business like everyday life is about highs and lows. If you quit then there’s no more to be said. Like life it is about survival and making things work for you.

I have nothing but passion for beautiful design and creative marketing. This is my heart, my love, simply me.

My Facebook business page is agog with support from family and to be honest I don’t know what I’d do if they didn’t like my pictures and comment on my posts. They’re not my customers yet I have amazing fans like Martin Gammon, Carole Meyrick and of course Helen Stothard who have ordered every year in the last 3 years.

These people have made me feel it’s worth the effort.

I’ve also had my Eureka moments like getting my first order for 1000 chocolates then 2000 chocolates and 5000 chocolates. Chocolat A Toi has gone on to even do same day deliveries.

The growth has not been phenomenal but sure and steady.

To business owners who are about giving up or just starting I would say knuckle down and find out what’s wrong. Somewhere in your heart you know what to do. Sit down and do it. For me it’s been SEO. I thank Sheila Sudlow for telling me to keep at it – devoting up to 30 minutes  a day. Via Google Search, I’ve acquired customers from all over the world. I now work with companies I would only ever have dreamt of meeting.

Don’t hate Google. Learn what you have to do and stick with it and you’ll soon see the rewards.

Chocolat A Toi is 3!

To celebrate we’re giving away 3 vouchers worth £30. Find them in our posts over the next 3 days. 

Plus there’s a 30% off voucher code which you can use right away. Find it on this page :)

I normally don’t share my faith openly but if I don’t I’m fooling no one but my self. So, today, I thank GOD for laying it on Victoria Osteen’s heart to write that amazing book ‘Love Your Life’. The book that made me pray and tell GOD that I wanted to stop dreaming and start living in my dreams.

I urge you to develop a passion for your business. Passion will take you beyond frustration.

Today, I want to thank GOD Almighty, my Creator and Redeemer for helping me to live in my dreams and keeping them sweet. I’m sorry for all the times I haven’t been as committed as you’d have wanted. This song is for you –

I’m grateful not to be living a nightmare but the sweetest dream I’ve had so far.

Thank you LORD and thank you so much to all those who have wished me well sincerely over the years. You know who you are x

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  1. Well done, Tola! That’s certainly a big achievement to be in business for 3 years and still growing steadily. Your post is quite inspiring so I shall pass it on.

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Thanks Stacey-Ann. You’ve been so supportive and a business friend I can bounce ideas off. Wishing you all the best with your biz too x

  2. wow i only passed by on face book and saw you had wrote a blog and couldnt believe my name was there too God bless you hun still going stong we are 7 years down the line now in April 2012 just gone.

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Wow! 7 years! Well done Sheila. Having you there to support and encourage me in the early days is a favour I could never repay. Thanks again x

  3. What an inspirational post to read over my morning cuppa! =)

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