Monday Memoirs: Sneaky Communion Treats


Baptism Favours

Baptism Favours

I was born into a very strict church setting where children were not allowed to take communion nor get baptised. I can never forget how much envy I felt attending my cousins’ baptismal reception.

There was an amazing spread and they sat right at the top of the table and everyone was fussing over them. Talk about a green eyed black little girl (nice colour contrast though – just joking). It only got worse when I heard about the First Communion. They wore the most amazing white outfits and could eat the bread and drink the wine.

Communion Personalised Chocolates

You can imagine how relieved I felt as a grown up when I was told it was ok for kids to have some. Problem is when I give DD the wine she wants more! See why they say the older the wiser?

Anyway, these communion chocolates were wrapped with shimmering gold paper. Some were milk chocolate and the others dark. The silver and gold foil help to differentiate. 5 bars of each flavour were then put in a self-seal cello bag.

So would/do you give your kids communion when they sit with you at church?

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