Wedding Wednesday: Does It Take a Bride to Serve One?

When Wonu asked me to personalise some chocolates for her bridal business I was so excited. Wonu and I went to uni together and she was very stylish so I felt honoured yet again and also knew it would be another exciting challenge.

Three years ago, I had designed her wedding favours. I proposed a few designs and she drove all the way from Milton Keynes to see what I had come up with (as well as steal a cuddle with my then 7 month old daughter).

She picked two amazing designs and the rest they say is history. There have been so many events ever since including the baby shower and an adorable baby boy.

Wonu now runs Estilo Moda a bespoke bridal outfit. Reviews are out there and amazing. However, I have noticed that in the wedding industry from bloggers to jewellers there’s a bride to be or bride behind the amazing reviews. Does it take one to serve one? Are you a single wedding vendor who excels at what you do? Would love your comments please.

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