Day 37: Do Brides Never Have Enough of These?

To me it’s like what happens when you have a little girl. You can’t wait to dress her up in pink or call her princess. But then it doesn’t happen with every single mum. You must be somewhat a pink mum like me to do it. I have friends who have never dressed their daughters top to toe in pink.

So when I generalise about brides then do read it with the above in mind. Not all brides adore butterflies. I didn’t. They’re pretty and dainty but I’m generally a concrete queen. I like outdoors that doesn’t involve creepy crawlies. I like looking at nature but that’s as far as it goes. However, since I started this business, queries about butterfly flavours have not ceased and I doubt they will just as I will dress my daughter in pink for as long as she lets me ;)


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