Basil in My Cake?


So if you know a bit about me maybe from reading my about me page, you know I love biscuits.

Then, I love cake. My grandma made cakes for a living and on Christmas morning we ‘brushed’ our teeth with cake.

I’ve also grown to love herbs and have a basil pot on my window seal.

However, I was speechless when I saw this cake that has thyme leaves on. I know it’s paired with lemon but this is cake not sole or cod fish.

I refuse to pair cake with herbs. I’m an adventurous eater so will try it but you can be sure I will not be offering you any if you visit me.

What about you? Would you pair herbs with your cake?

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  1. It is sure a beautiful cake! I don’t know…it might nice if it is done very subtly. I think it may have possibilities… :)

    Just stopping by from UBC


    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      That’s true if it’s subtle it might not be too bad. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

  2. Yes, I think I would. I love new taste ideas. I just had some olive oil & mint sorbet the other night and it was an amazing taste combination. I think rosemary would be really good in a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I might just try it!

  3. I know that basil is paired with a lot of things nowadays. I would be a bit hesitant, as much as I love basil – except, perhaps, if I was making a tomato cake. (Not that I ever have made a tomato cake….)

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