Chocolate Undercover

So what does it involve going undercover about chocolate?

Well, what’s hot and what’s not is revealed by checking under the analytics hood for the website.

1) the Most Coveted 

Photo Chocolates


These chocolates are hotly contested by this gorgeous box and I honestly cannot blame you for falling for this box. After all, chocolates and boxes go together.

Sturdy Empty Chocolate Box

The next criteria is looking for the chocolates that are most clicked when it’s not chocolate season meaning Valentine, Easter and Christmas.

2) Timeless



Next was to find the chocolate bar with the most clickability which then resulted in sales.

3) is a Must-Have

Pink personalised chocolate wedding favours


Finally, the criteria which sums up the best seller on the website is below. The product which is admired, valued and for which I’ve had glowing testimonials and reviews:

4) is Beloved

Photo Chocolates

So which of these is your favourite? And if you run a business online, don’t forget to go undercover regularly to see what your clients are really into.

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