Getting to Know the ‘Heart’ of Your Customer

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How often do you respond to surveys?

Good if you do. As a business owner, feedback from your clients is crucial for your business to grow.

If you’re not meeting the needs of your clients then you are in trouble.

But, what if your clients are just not the type who fill out surveys or give feedback? How in the world do you get that all important information to grow your business?

I’d start with a marketplace like Amazon.

Read product reviews or book reviews related to your service.

You need the positive reviews to see what they like and negative ones to see what’s lacking.

It might appear really boring to read other people’s product reviews but you’ll gain insight into your target audience needs, discover their lingo (perfect for keyword research) and what keeps them awake at night.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on Amazon and discover what your clients need.

And if you have a clever way of getting your clients to fill surveys then please share…

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