How To Travel With Personalised Chocolate Gifts In the Summer

Chocolate Torte Cake

The melting point of chocolate is between 30° C and 32° C.

As the weather gets warmer and destination events especially weddings pick up, customers ask more how to ensure their chocolates don’t melt.

Now except you put the chocolates directly in the sun, your chocolates are not likely to melt before you reach your destination.

Keep your chocolates waterproof

The best way to package your personalised chocolate gifts is to put them in a freezer bag or just a carrier bag. The idea is to make sure they’re at least in a waterproof container.

Keep your chocolates cool

Next, get a thermal bag preferably one that comes with ice packs. Otherwise, you’ll need to get ice packs anyway to keep the thermal bag cool as you’ll be popping your chocolates into the thermal bag. Remember, you won’t be able to take this into the plane due to liquid restrictions.

Since you don’t want the ice packs crushing the chocolates nor the chocolates moving around too much, get some bubble wrap or even just some newspaper to pad the thermal bag. Make it as compact as you can, filling up as much space with wrap or paper.

This will ensure the chocolates don’t move around too much and end up broken.

Enjoy Your Chocolates

So once you get to your destination, get the chocolates out of the bag and they should be fine in a cool room or cupboard. Otherwise, just keep them in the thermal bag but remember you’ll need to re-freeze them if defrosted.

Generally, keeping your personalised chocolates away from any direct sunlight or a warm room should keep them in perfect condition. Don’t take them out of the waterproof bag till ready to use and avoid too many hands handling them. Body heat is able to melt chocolate and if you’re in a warm country, hands are likely to be on the very warm side.

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  1. Hello from the Ultimate Blog Challenge!
    Quite a challenge keeping the chocolates in this summer weather. Kudos to you. Looks great!

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Thanks for stopping by Holly. It can be a challenge if there’s no forethought but otherwise ok.

  2. I simply adore chocolate! Thanks for the tips! :)

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Hi Erica, if you love chocolate then you’re in the right place! Glad you found the tips useful.

  3. Some great tips here. I’m a chocoholic and while I don’t travel much, it’s always good to know how to be able to move the delicious goodies from one place to another in the heat of the summer. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      That’s fine Leslie. At least you know where to come should you ever need to travel with chocolates.

  4. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a
    comment is added I get several emails with the
    same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that
    service? Bless you!

    • Chocolat A Toi says:

      Hi Linnie unfortunately I can’t. However at the bottom of the email you should be able to unsubscribe. Please have a look. Hope that works. Technology can be a pain.

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