3 Simple Tests to See If QR Codes Will Work For You

Personalised Chocolate Bars for Business

Personalised Chocolate Bars for Business (Photo credit: Chocolatatoi)

Want to try out QR codes but not sure if they’ll work?

If you’re semi-geek like me you’ll love the way it makes you look really smart especially if you add it to your marketing material.

But, will it work for your marketing? How can you find out if it will?

1) Check your email list provider: Check under the hood to find out how many of your subscribers use mobiles to read your emails. The more of them that do the more likely it is that your target audience will scan that QR code.

2) Ask them: Got Twitter followers, fans on Facebook or a Linkedin profile? Wherever you hangout ask if any of them has ever responded to QR code marketing. Also, survey your email list to find  out.

This is a good indicator because these are the people who are likely to buy from you or refer you. If no one has tried it nor even have a QR code scanner on their phone then you may want to wait a while before you use QR code marketing.

3) Test it: Once you’ve asked, then do a small run of the marketing material, sending it out to two different groups. Do a split test to see if those who said they would use QR codes indeed scanned the link.

The other group should be those who did not respond at all. Don’t send it to those who said they wouldn’t try. And voila, you’ll have all your results.

If you don’t know how to set up tracking for QR codes, it’s really easy as creating different landing pages for each campaign.

Now I’d like to know if you’ve ever tried QR code marketing for your business and what your experience was? Leave a comment below.

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