Tips On Designing Your Own Dessert Table

Dessert Table

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Dessert Tables have become one thing I always have at any party I’m organising. They make everyone swoon and ooh and ah. You can’t go too wrong.

The thing about parties is preparation can get tedious and overwhelming. Apart from listing down names of people to invite, organizing the sound system, tables and chairs, as well as the food to be serve all prove to be very important.

One of the main highlights of a party is the dessert table. According to a cupcake maker in London, “Dessert tables are a great way of adding the sweetest detail to your event, as well as making sure that there is a sweet treat to please all of your guests.” Below are some tips that can help you make the most out of your dessert table:

Consider Your Guests’ Preferences 

Thinking about what you’ll have on the dessert table may be easy, however, it is important to consider what your guests would want as well. If you have invited children to the event, it is better to include snacks and desserts that are not too fancy. Sweet treats such as Rice Krispies or Marks & Spencer’s square cupcakes, and chocolate dipped marshmallows would be great additions on your party table. Not forgetting customised chocolate bars.

Color Matters 

Remember to match your desserts’ color–this would make a nice harmony on the table. Use creativity and imagination in cake stands and dessert trays.

Backdrops and Printables 

If you are thinking of placing party printables on your dessert table, it is better to print them on glossy paper to make them stand out. Including a backdrop can create a stylish depth to your work of art.

Use Others’ Ideas 

You may also refer to DIY websites for some amazing ideas and inspiration. You can review some party tables on Pinterest or Etsy and add some personal touch to your choice.

Stay Tuned

I’ll be sharing dessert table pics from my daughter’s and husband’s birthdays so you know how do-able they are. Also, I’ll be sharing more tips as well.

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