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My first hands on experience with nappies was 16 years ago when my older sister had her baby girl. My sister used Huggies so when I had my little girl 6 years ago, I just decided to do the same. However, I also had all the Pampers vouchers in my Bounty pack so decided to try them.

During my tests, I found that I preferred the Pampers night nappies to the Huggies ones. They were less bulky and seemed to absorb better. However, I stuck to Huggies during the day as they were more visually appealing, even to me.

When I learnt about the Pampers Britain’s driest nappy research challenge (search #britainsdriestnappy) through BritMums I was eager to try as I’d never done any practical research just word of mouth. With Huggies no longer around for newborns, I started off with ASDA nappies, which had rave reviews from Mother & Baby, for my baby boy which were great till he started moving around.

After one too many leaks, I moved to Pampers Active Fit. Initially, I found them way too pricey especially as I was still on maternity leave. I have since learnt that there are many offers available as well as vouchers.

The nappies do keep him dry and with thorough cleaning as well as care with A&D ointment it’s been smooth sailing.

I got sent a pack of Pampers nappies to test the nappy. Please see below how I did the test. This is a test which you can also do yourself comparing other nappy brands.


I took a brand new nappy


2014-09-15 12.10.01

poured in 150 ml of water slowly over a couple of minutes (note that it will take longer for your baby to wee this volume. If possible 4 hours is a good time) , set the timer to 1 minute 30 seconds,



then applied pressure commensurate with baby’s weight on a kitchen towel,

2014-09-15 12.15.20


the kitchen towel still felt dry

and cutting open the nappy, I could see the microbeads holding the moisture.


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