The Best Chocolate in the World Hoax

Potted Chocolate Pudding

Has anyone ever said to you this is the best whatever in the world just for you taste or see it and think I don't agree? It's the same way when people say Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate in … [Read more...]

How to eat chocolate on a diet

Ways to eat chocolate on a diet

Quite often people tell me they are on diets so can't have chocolate. Well, this is for them and others who are afraid of the calories that come with chocolove. I'll start from the easiest - the … [Read more...]

Good News for You as Cocoa Prices Set to Soar

The type of Cocoa grown in Cote d'Ivoire is known as the Forastero variety. The Forastero Cocoa tree is known to be the most high-yielding of the four major varieties of Cocoa trees - Criollo, … [Read more...]

Spot Healthy Chocolate in a Minute

How can I spot healthy chocolate? Well, if you're grounded in checking food labels you know: 1) To check in what order the ingredients are listed: So if Sugar is the first ingredient then you need to … [Read more...]

Travelling with Chocolate Gifts

I recently wrote an article on travelling with chocolate gifts. I hope you enjoy reading it. It also answers any questions you might have about storing chocolate. Please remember to ask any additional … [Read more...]

Why chocolate is not the culprit in your failed diet

"I'm on a diet no chocolates for me" you say. Have you ever considered what else you eat apart from chocolates? Nothing else? Then, the chocolates are not to blame. You know better than to eat only … [Read more...]


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