If You Rock Only One Party Trend This Year…

Photo Chocolates Personalised

Make it photo chocolates. They are so unique and are great conversation starters. You can talk about where the shot was taken, when and even the events that led to the shot being taken. Plus, it … [Read more...]

Basil in My Cake?


So if you know a bit about me maybe from reading my about me page, you know I love biscuits. Then, I love cake. My grandma made cakes for a living and on Christmas morning we 'brushed' our teeth with … [Read more...]

How to Use Chocolate to Pamper Your Skin

I thought I'd share this video with you about a spa in Dubai where you can pamper your skin with chocolate. Key beauty take away point - dark chocolate exfoliates and white hydrates. So you know what … [Read more...]

The Best Chocolate in the World Hoax

Potted Chocolate Pudding

Has anyone ever said to you this is the best whatever in the world just for you taste or see it and think I don't agree? It's the same way when people say Belgian chocolate is the best chocolate in … [Read more...]

The Chocolate Manifesto


I decided to offer these novelty chocolate bars after spending months tweeting the messages on them. People really liked the tweets and I thought why not offer them as gifts you can share with … [Read more...]

How To Travel With Personalised Chocolate Gifts In the Summer

Chocolate Torte Cake

The melting point of chocolate is between 30° C and 32° C. As the weather gets warmer and destination events especially weddings pick up, customers ask more how to ensure their chocolates don't … [Read more...]

Day 45: Tiffany Butterflies

Personalised Tiffany Chocolate Bar

A slight veer from nature and back to my love for weddings - it's Tiffany blue. Every woman's dreamland - full of a million white butterflies. … [Read more...]

Day 44: A Beach Wedding

Personalised Wedding Favours for a Beach Wedding

My last two blog posts have been about nature so you can tell I'm in that mood. I put together one with a similar theme featuring beach chair colours in stripes. I have no idea where it's gone - … [Read more...]

Day 43: What Do You Love About Autumn?

Personalised Autumn Chocolate Bar

I love the colours of Autumn and that's all. Nothing else appeals to me except it's dry. When it's wet, walks are a nightmare. You get on a train and there are delays due to Autumn leaf fall - don't … [Read more...]

Day 42: A Hersham Garden

Personalised Floral Chocolate Bar

This is not an exact replica but my effort to translate the beauty of this garden I walk past every day. Love it. … [Read more...]


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