Guess what? I’m more of a biscuit lover than a chocolate lover. If I were a chocolate lover I’d eat up all of my stock which wouldn’t be helpful to either of us.

Well, my journey into chocolate began in 2006 when my brother was planning to get married. The wedding colour scheme was banana yellow and turquoise (don’t ask me why my sister-in-law chose those colours).

Anyway, I wanted to give out souvenirs but it was impossible to find affordable customised gifts. Late in 2008, I was discussing with my Mum and husband a business idea where chocolate bars could be personalised with any colour of wrapper to match wedding colour schemes.

So, when I stumbled on the opportunity during my maternity leave in 2009 to set up a personalised chocolate business, I totally fell for it except that my first orders were not at all for wedding favours.

While my real passion is working with brides, I have also found that my products work very well as corporate marketing gifts.

You know personalised chocolate favours could add that extra personal or corporate touch to your event. I can help.

I just loooooooove what I do and enjoy working with graphics.

You see, I was lucky to work as part of the Editorial Unit at a world bank funded institution where I learned to use Adobe InDesign and other funky publishing tools. I am not afraid of colour or being bold plus I am a stickler for detail.

As a French graduate, I learnt that it’s all about the detail – the masculine (un,le, sien…) and feminine (une, mienne, ma…).

Also, I believe so much that when you pay for a product or service it should be worth what you pay for plus that little extra because you’ve chosen my company over a competitor’s.

I am patient and painstaking. I will make sure you are 100% happy with your wrapper design or refund you the cost of the wrapper.

Well, now you know my story (at least the incy wincy bit that matters) and have a guarantee so now tell me about your self and what you’d like. Email me – info (at) chocolatatoi.com for a no purchase obligation design (subject to copyright)   or call immediately on 0208 133 2421. 

Don’t forget to check out my offer of the week – especially for you!

Tola Popoola


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